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We are now creating retro style petrol pumps built to our customers individual specifications.

Please phone us on 01403 791140 or email at                                                            to discuss your own designs

All our pumps are built in house - as you can see here

Our full size pump is 7 foot tall in total. The body height can be reduced. The Public Enemy’s pump was reduced by   8 inches to fit in their showroom

Your choice of paint finish - our Classic Cycleworks pump has a weathered patina with even rusty effect screws & base!

At the other end of the spectrum - the Crystal pump is high gloss black decorated with intricate gold leaf & hand pinstriped artwork.

 We can supply gas company decals or use your own shop decal. Alternatively, Keith can use his skills to hand paint your own design

Each pump face is unique.

The California pump is in US  dollars & cents - 348 being a popular engine size in the 50s.  The Goodwood pump is in old fashioned Pounds, Shillings & Pence with a price to match

The nozzles, neck and dish can be in an aluminium finish or a bronze finish or a combination

We like to personalise our pumps with extra details.

The pump can be made with an opening front.  The uses will be up to you. We can provide wooden shelving in a variety of wood -shown here in pine

We created an Art Deco feature for the California gas pump.

Goodwood has metal trim from a

1953 Wolsley.

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